Android Phones in Prize Draws : Winning jackpots on mobile casinos

galaxy s4

There’s absolutely no doubt at this point that the Android platform is the world’s leading mobile operating system, with a growing customer base spanning different countries across the globe. In the third quarter of 2013, Android’s share of the global smartphone shipment market – led by Samsung products – was 81.3%, the highest ever in history. As a matter of fact, one billion Android devices have been activated as of September 2013 – a mind-bogglingly impressive statistic that surely played a part in Google Senior Vice President Nikesh Arora’s bold claim that Android is the only operating system in the world that has been adopted as quickly and as successfully.

One integral element of Android’s ridiculous success is its clear focus on presenting a highly intuitive user interface based on direct manipulation of the touchscreen. Real-world movements like swiping, tapping, and pinching are essential to navigating the Android operating system; this multi-touch user experience has dramatically changed people’s expectations of mobile entertainment and communication. Indeed, Flappy Bird wouldn’t have been so popular and addictive if players had to click a mouse instead of lightly swiping their fingers on their smartphones. Similarly, mobile casinos invariably provide faster-paced and more interactive versions of classic and modern slot machines. Of course, players will have to repeatedly tap and swipe as they amuse themselves with the revamped multi-reel slots games with crisp graphics, engaging sound effects, and improved gameplay.

Online board game company Days of Wonder had previously given away an iPad when they reached 30 million games. Furthermore, pocket fruity has also raffled off a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 as part of their monthly prize draws. From wireless speakers and sturdy headphones to all sorts of gift vouchers, mobile casino and online gaming promotions inevitably result in a more immediate payoff for loyal customers.

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