What is Android Wear?

android wear

Google has finally introduced its plan for smartwatches. Ahead of Google I/O 2014, the search giant has released to the public what it is preparing for the future of wristwatches.

And as it appears, it’s a set of software called Android Wear.

The name suggests that this is a special edition of Android that’s built specifically for wearable device — or smartwatches. Reality is, while it does run on Android, it’s extremely integrated with Google Now. Which means, unlike traditional smartwatches, Android Wear will only show what you need to see. If you need something, just ask for it and Android Wear will show it.

If you’ve experienced Google Now, you already know how it’s going to perform.

There may be people who like the traditional approach of smartwatch introduced by Pebble, Samsung Galaxy Gear (replaced by Gear running Tizen OS instead of Android). But personally, I like the idea of simplicity. Google is known for simplicity. And it has kept up its principle with wearable device as well.

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This isn’t the first wearable device by Google. Google Glass is already under heavy development (and criticism, which should be  dealt with facts). But it isn’t yet ready for a public release. Also, Google is actively developing Glass. In case of Android Wear, Google is going to do the same thing it did with Android. It’s going to create and develop the software and let third party manufacturers make the end product.

LG and Motorola has already jumped ship announcing that they are going to release their version of Android Wear-running smartwatch soon. Called LG G Watch and Moto 360, these two may be the first smartwatches running on Android Wear that is heavily based on Google Now.

What’s your take on Android Wear? Do you like the concept of simplicity of this platform?


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