Google Now: Now on desktop Chrome browser – Here’s how to turn on

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Google has been working for a long time to bring its Google Now to desktop computers. If you’ve been waiting for this to happen, your wait has finally come to an end. Google has bundled Google Now with its latest version of Chrome browser on Windows and OS X.

This means your familiar Google Now cards from iOS and Android will now show up on your desktop as well. This includes weather, event reminder, sports score, etc. As you know, Google Now heavily depends on the location to provide you with accurate information. Google says Google Now on desktop will rely on your Android or iOS device for location information. That is, unless you have your phone not anywhere near your desktop, Google will know where you are and give you results based on your geolocation.

Needless to say you need to be logged in to your Google account on both devices for this to work.

Google Now card will appear on the top right or bottom right of your desktop depending on what operating system you are on. You can further customize the Chrome notification system to include alerts from Gmail, Google Drive, and Hangout. You may not see Google Now cards instantly on your Chrome even if you’re on the latest version. That’s because the update is being rolled out starting today.

If you’d rather turn Google Now on right now, go to chrome://flags and “enable” Google Now notifications to see it in action.

Have you ever used Google Now before?

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