2 Men face jail time for distributing pirated Android apps


One of the perks of Android being an open source operating system is the ability to download Android apps and games installer files (along with data where required) and install it without any issue. Although the default security channel of Android prohibits installation of apps from unknown sources, it can be disabled by one tap. While this sounds extremely helpful and convenient for people who want to use apps and games without paying, it’s an equally devastating matter for the people who make these apps and games.

The United States Department of Justice has found two men guilty of distributing pirated Android apps on the web. Nicholas Anthony Narbone has recently pleaded guilty to DOJ for illegally distributing pirated Android apps through his website  Earlier this month, another man named Thomas Allen Dye also pleaded guilty to the charge of distributing pirated Android apps in association with Narbone.

Authorities say that distributed more than 1 million copies of pirated apps that total more than $700,000 in value. The duo may face a maximum of five years in jail when they are scheduled to be sentenced in June.

US law enforcement is also in a legal battle with another pirated Android app download site run by 22-year-old Kody Peterson. According to the documents, between the months of May 2011 and August 2012, his site was used to download more than 1 million copies of pirated Android app that would otherwise amount to a total of $1.7 million dollar. The case with him remains ongoing.

So, if you’re one of the folks running a website distributing pirated Android apps, perhaps it’s time you reconsidered your ‘business’. As for users, it’s always a bad idea to download apps and games off the original store as sometimes malware and other malicious software tend to enter your smartphone from untrusted sources. On top of that, Android apps don’t really cost that much. And most of the apps are developed by small developers and studios. You should support those developers and try to purchase them from the store.

Do you download Android apps from third-party websites?

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