Your Gmail inbox may soon have a grid layout

How does an inbox with grid layout sound like? Your Gmail inbox may soon turn into a grid layout; thankfully, that's just the promotions tab.

If there was a last thing I wanted to happen with my inbox, it’d be a grid, pin-board like layout.

gmail promotional inbox

The trend started with Pinterest, which was later obtained by Google+ for showing its stream. I’ve never really been a fan of the new stream layout of Google+. That particular design only fits with Pinterest and Google Now cards. But Google seems to be a big fan of grid layout. Why shouldn’t I think so now that Google unveiled a rather odd plan to give your Gmail inbox a grid layout?

Thankfully, the grid design will only apply to the Promotions tab of your Gmail, which Google launched last year. The idea was to separate all the promotional or marketing emails from your primary inbox and show an ad or two. It sparked a negative review, but I particularly like the idea.

According to Google, promotional emails usually contain a lot of images. To highlight those images, Google is introducing this new grid look to your promotions tab that gives you a rather larger and more visual look at your promotions tab. You can still switch to the existing list layout, which is a relief. But if the idea of a pin-board like inbox sounds fun to you, feel free to join what Google’s calling ‘field trial‘ to be one of the firsts to see grid layout in action.

What’s your take on the new look of promotions inbox?

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