Google Cloud Platform is now cheaper than ever

google cloud platformGoogle at an event in San Francisco has just announced that it is cutting the price of its cloud computing services. Almost all of Google’s developer services will see a price cut of roughly 32%-85% depending on services.

According to Google, its Computer Engine service charge will see a price cut of 32% for all sizes, regions, and classes. Cloud Storage now costs  2.6 cents per GB which Google claims is a rough 68% reduced price for most customers. Google BigQuery on-demand prices are also reduced by a whooping 85%. App Engine and other services will also see a similar price cut.

That’s not all, based on your usage of VM, you may save a lot more thanks to Google’s new and simplified pricing structure. If you’re a developer using Google Cloud services or are planning to use it, now would be the time to check out Google’s official announcement revealing the price cuts.

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