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You can buy Google Glass today: Here’s how to get one

buy google glass

Unless you’re not interested enough in Google Glass, you already know Google’s biggest push to date in an attempt to make Glass mainstream. That’s today; when the Glass goes on sale for anyone living in the United States.

Yup, I know. The US-only tag always makes people outside the US feel neglected. But Google apologizes politely, saying that Google Glass just isn’t ready for other countries yet. It isn’t even ready for prime time. Google is selling Google Glass today in the United States as part of its ongoing effort to expand the number of people who actively use, develop apps for, and experiment with the piece of wearable tech.

It’s relatively easy to buy Google Glass. You have to be living in the United States and be 18 years or older. Next, you have to go to this link where you can sign up right away for notification whenever Google Glass is available for purchase. For the record, Google Glass goes on sale today at 9 a.m. ET. And the price is the usual $1500 + tax.

So have your money ready and listen to the clock ticking. Because the spot is limited, not ‘everyone’ attempting to buy Google Glass from the United States will get one.

And if you’re residing in other countries, you can go to this link and sign up for Google Glass related news.

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