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How to control your computer or Chromebook from Android by Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is here to let you conveniently and remotely access your desktop computer from anywhere in the world. It's easy, quick and painless.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Update: Check out the updated detailed instructions on how to use Chrome Remote Desktop to connect between computers and control PCs and Macs using Android.

I wouldn’t start talking about the situations when you might be needing to access your computer but you’re far away from it — either in another room or another part of the world. Ever since the smartphone and tablet era began, there have been many apps that let you do the job; top of them being Teamviewer. But what if you could do that the Google way?

Google has just officially launched Chrome Remote Desktop app on Google Play Store. Using this, you can literally see the desktop of your computer right on your handheld device and operate your computer from a distance. Here’s what you need to do:

First, make sure Chrome Remote Desktop app is installed on your Android phone or tablet. Here’s Google Play Store link to Chrome Remote Desktop.

Second, you have to download a Chrome app from Chrome Web Store (about 24 MBs in size as of now) following this link: Chrome Remote Desktop. You will need to download this on each of your computers that you want to access from your Android device remotely.

You do understand that you’re doing all of this under a single Google account. So once both apps are installed on your computer and Android device, the rest is relatively simple. Just connect the computer (from inside Chrome interface) to Chrome Remote Desktop for it to show up on your Android app’s list of devices to connect to. Next time you want to access your computer remotely, make sure it’s connected to the network and launch the Android app at your hand!

Unsurprisingly but conveniently, this works on all Chromebooks. So if you’ve got a Chromebook at your home, you can use that remotely from your Android device now.

For more information about Chrome Remote Desktop, see this support article. Read the launch blog post on Chrome blog.

Would you be ditching Teamviewer or any other Android remote desktop app for the Chrome Remote Desktop? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I have a question. The Chrome Desktop app website says that being able to control your Chromebook is a future upgrade. But this article makes it sound like you can remotely control your Chromebook now. Is that correct? Thanks!

      1. Ok I was just hoping I’d read the wrong help file. But it was also in the support link you posted above under the heading “Access & share your computer” then “Share your computer with someone else”:

        “This section only applies to Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Screen sharing functionality isn’t available for Chrome devices at this time.”

        So it looks like it’s still the same, you can control PCs using a Chromebooks, but you can’t control the Chromebooks themselves. I was hoping that had changed. Thanks for your help.

      2. Thanks for your input. I’m pretty sure when the feature launched they supported Chromebooks (or else I wouldn’t have written that the feature works on Chromebook). But now that it’s not available to Chromebooks right now, I’ve updated the article to reflect the recent changes.

        Again, thanks for bringing that to my attention. 🙂

      3. LWClow is 100% correct – it even says it in the link you provide: “Screen sharing functionality isn’t available for Chrome devices at this time”. Please correct your article above to reflect the fact that you CANNOT use either the Chrome Remote Desktop App or Chrome Remote Desktop Extension to remote INTO a Chomebook computer / Chrome operating system.

  2. Google is being really stupid on the remote Control issue. We support nearly a 1,000 PC. I’d love to put a Chromebox in place, but if I can’t see what the user is doing, then the box is worthless. We use aTeamviewer, Logmein, etc. A picture is worth 1,000 words. PLEASE give us access to the Chrome Box some how. Google Hangouts is worthless, I need the desktop, not just the screen they are on.

  3. This title is VERY misleading, It is not possible (at this point) without rooting or hacking to control a Chromebook other than from a computer (vs Android device) running Chrome Remote Desktop and typing in a sharing code from a remote Chromebook.

  4. In addition to Chrome RDP, you may also try a R-HUB rmeote support server for remotely accesing / controlling your computers using Android devices.

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