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Get Best Deals at Acer Chromebook 710 and 720 starting at $120


Chromebooks are awesome. Okay, you might not think so. But given that you know what Chromebook is perfect for, you’ll probably happy with a Chromebook in your possession.

What’s so great about Chromebook is its affordable price. Many people would say that you’re essentially buying a browser for that price. But if you think closely, most of us spend the larger portion of time on browsers. That’s why as a secondary computer, which you can turn on in a second, get some browsing, email-checking, or document-writing done quickly and then turn off, Chromebooks rock.

And what better time to buy a Chromebook than now? Because we’ve got some deals on Acer Chromebooks for you. Check out the links below and make your purchase before they expire/sell out.

  • Acer C720 Chromebook – $149-$199: Powered by an Intel Haswell processor, equipped with 16 GB SSD (32 GB available) and 2 GM RAM, this Acer-made Chromebook will run for about 8.5-hour. It has USB 3 for faster file transferring and also comes with an HDMI port that you can connect to a bigger screen if its 11.6-inch screen isn’t good enough for you. Follow this link to buy Acer C720 Chromebook new or refurbished from Amazon
  • .Acer C7 Chromebook refurbished – $139.99: This legendary Acer C7 Chromebook is powered by Intel Celeron Processor. Its 11.6-inch, comes with 16 GB onboard SSD storage and 2 GB of RAM. This refurbished Chromebook is on sale at Acer’s official eBay outlet for $139.99.
  • Acer C710 Chromebook – $119.99: This is the ultimate refurbished Chromebook made my Acer that you want to buy if you need a Chromebook at a minimum price. It’s an Acer C710 11.-6-inch Chromebook powered by Intel Celeron 847 processor that’s clocked at 1.1GHz. It also comes with 16 GB onboard SSD storage and 2 GB of RAM. Grab Acer C710 Chromebook for just $119.99 at eBay by Newegg now.

Chromebooks are amazing laptops that you can grab and walk around with. Especially for people who type in a lot of documents on the web, writing, checking emails, browsing, etc, Chromebooks are nearly perfect. It isn’t a replacement of a laptop computer just yet, nor it is supposed to be. You can think of it like a big tablet with computing capabilities (from a browser perspective) and an attached keyboard that actually works.

What’s your take on Chromebooks? Have you ever bought or used one?

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