Google begins dismantling Google Drive app into separate ones

google drive

If you’ve been using Google Drive, you know that it’s not just a storage service. Google Drive, previously known as Google Docs, is in fact a full-featured productivity suite that stays online and lets you edit documents, spreadsheet, and presentation without having to download anything on your computer. All your changes are saved on the cloud and you can pick up where you left off anywhere. To add more convenience, Google also have apps for iOS and Android users so that you can work on your files in combination of your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

The problem is, however, that those who are not familiar with Google Drive think that it’s just a storage. Thanks to the confusing name, Google Drive does sound like a place for file storage. The fact that it has the ability to add and edit documents, spreadsheet, forms, and presentation is often overlooked because of its name. To make things better, Google has started separating its Drive app. The company has started pushing update to iOS users that requires users to install a separate app for editing documents.

What this means is, Google Drive, as an app, will give you access to what’s on your Drive. You may upload and download files from your iOS and Android device. But if you want to edit your files (documents, spreadsheet, and slides), you’ll need to download the separate editing apps Google will prompt you to download.

This is good for two reasons. Firstly, it makes the core Drive app lighter. Why should the Drive app have the ability to edit all types of files when you don’t need it to? Secondly, it makes it clear to people that Drive is for storage, and the editing capability can be enabled by downloading separate apps. This way, users can download only the apps that they need to. Developers of these apps will also have the ability to work better now that they are separated. The only downside of this is that you’ll have to have more icons on your app drawer. But given that you’re gaining space because of the separation, it can be tolerated.

The update is currently being rolled out to iOS users will soon hit the Android users as well.

What do you think about the Google Drive separate app system? Will it make things convenient?

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