Google Now can tell if an item you’ve searched for is available at a store nearby

google now

Would life be a little more comfortable if you searched for an item online and Google Now automatically informed you of the nearby stores that sell the item that you’ve looked for? If your answer is yes, then the latest update to Google Search on Android will make your life a little more comfortable.

The new update adds a new functionality that allows Google Now to remember the products that you’ve searched for. In order to “remind you that you wanted them”, Google will automatically search for that product in the stores that are located nearby your physical location. If it finds a match, it’ll show a card with the information that you can find that product at this/these stores.

One thing that Google Now still lacks is the availability of the product. Say you wanted to buy a toy for your kid and you searched online for it. Google Now will show you the locations of the stores where that toy is available. But it can’t accurately tell you whether the stores it’s showing actually have the item in stock. That’s something you have to do the old-fashioned way: by placing a call to the store or physically visiting the store.

Google also didn’t tell exactly how many product searches Google Now will remember and for how long. But as with the other things, you can turn off this featureĀ from your Google Now settings.

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