Give yourself a moment of happiness with this video shot by Google Glass

Regardless of what your mood is, this video will not only bring you a little bit of joy but also make you realize how it can be used to capture emotions without all the distractions that holding a camera makes.

Google Glass, apart from all the negativity and privacy concerns that it receives, can be a useful tool. This two and a half minute video will completely change your mind about how Google Glass can be used the little beautiful things that happen in life with the luxury of not having to hold a camera on either hand.

Shot entirely using Google Glass, it follows a person going to his home country India from the United States (likely) and making a surprise visit to his mom. Not just that, showing her a piece of paper (not giving you any spoilers here) that just brings tears to her eyes — all the emotions captured into the camera of Google Glass.

This video, no matter what mood you are in, will completely blow your mind and make you smile, if not bring tears as well.

What do you think? Isn’t it wonderful that how technology can now let us record the precious moments that once gone can never be felt back..unless recorded by a distraction-free camera? Do let us know how you feel after watching the video in the comments.

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