Google has just joined Instagram

google office

Google has just launched its own account on Instagram. And it has started its journey by posting what Instagram isn’t very popular for: a video; a video of Google’s recent Google Doodle celebrating the anniversary of Rubik’s Cube.

At the time of this writing, Google’s Instagram account, at, has picked up over 6 thousand followers. Google account was only seen following 3 accounts though we couldn’t find which accounts Google was following. The search giant announced the launch of its newest social media profile on its Twitter stream.

You can see Google’s first Instagram video embedded below. If you’re logged on to Instagram on the browser, you can directly follow Google right now.

Google says that the Instagram account will provide unfiltered — if sometimes filtered — updates, though the word ‘updates’ wasn’t really there. We expect to find some behind-the-scene stuff on Google’s Instagram account. In fact, that’d be the wise thing to do. Just the same old marketing on Instagram might not really make it ‘unfiltered’! What do you think?

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