And the price of Motorola Moto 360 is…

moto 360Motorola’s smartwatch called Moto 360 was announced soon after Google announced Android Wear, a special version of Android that will power the smartwatches of the future, well, at least some of them. Ever since the announcement, people have been particularly interested in Moto 360 because of its intuitive design and the gif on the left. But there wasn’t any word about the price of this device.

That, until recently.

Motorola is about to announce a contest in US and UK that has a Moto 360 as the grand prize. In its official rule, which you can find in Google Drive here,┬áMotorola itself states that the ARV, or Approximate Retail Value, as being $249. The company does not mention that this will be the price of Moto 360 when it goes on sale. But it’s a good cue for us to think that this will be the final retail price, if not cheaper, when the first Motorola Moto 360 goes on sale running Android Wear.

The price of Motorola Moto 360 may be $249. But that makes us wonder, is that too much? Or is it reasonable? Given that you could get your hands on a Chinese (Xiaomi, a prominent name on the market these days) tablet called Xiaomi Mi Pad running on Nvidia Tegra K1 for just $240, does $9 more get you a device that’s good enough for your daily use?

We still have to wait until Moto 360 actually hits the stores. Only then we’ll know whether the price of Motorola Moto 360, given that it stays somewhere around $249, is reasonable or not.

What’s your take on Moto 360 price? Would you buy one if Moto 360 is available at this price?

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