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Google Chrome will now respond to ‘OK Google’ command on your computer

OK Google on Chrome
After updating your Chrome to the latest version, you’ll be prompted to enable “OK Google”.

‘OK Google’ command is not a news for anyone not living under a rock for the past few years. But Google has been telling us that the feature would soon hit the desktop users on Chrome, and it has finally hit the stable version.

The ability to say ‘OK Google’ to initiate a search on Chrome browser has been available for Chrome beta users since February. But after you update your Google Chrome to the latest version today, you’ll be able to use the command on your Chrome stable version. The command will work when you open a new tab or visit Google homepage.

Just like it does on Androids, saying ‘OK Google’ to Chrome browser will initiate a voice search letting you do a hands-free Google search. Depending on what you search for, Google might respond to you by voice when returning the results.

Google says that the update is universal, but users with their primary browser language set to “English” are currently getting the feature on their desktop Chrome browser. The next time you visit Google homepage after updating your Chrome, you’ll be prompted to enable “OK Google” feature. You may also enable the feature from your browser’s privacy settings if you disable the feature at first but decide to give it a go at a later time.

Have you used “OK Google” command before? Do you think it’s more convenient and faster to use voice search command than typing in the search query on Google? Let us know your thoughts and experience with OK Google.

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