Google co-founder says it was probably a mistake for him to have worked on Google+


Google co-founder Sergey Brin admitted that he is not a social person. He thinks he’s kind of a weirdo and believes that him working on Google+ — Google’s not-so-successful attempt at developing a social network — was “probably a mistake.”

At a conference held by Re/code, the co-founder unveiled what is the first ever self-driving car designed from the scratch by Google. He talked about the project, among other things, when he commented that it was probably a mistake for him to to be working on anything tangentially related to social to begin with.

This does not suggest that Google should not have created Google+ or that it was Google’s mistake to have worked on Google+. It was entirely a personal comment coming from Google co-founder who thinks he shouldn’t have professionally worked on Google+ without being himself a social person as the product’s (now platform) core focus was to build a social platform.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-founded Google in 1998 what would later be one of the biggest, most powerful companies in the twenty first century. Sergey Brin is now leading a group known as Google X that’s working on futuristic projects like Google Glass, self-driving car, and contact lenses that can measure glucose level. The lately announced self-driving car designed by Google is the latest project by Google X which will see an expansion to 100 prototypes later this year.

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