Google’s driverless car is also brakeless, pedal-less and steering wheel-less

google self driving car

Google has unveiled its own design of self-driving car, a technology the company has been working on for a while now with increased updates in recent times. The new designed car can accommodate two people and lacks a steer wheel, any sort of pedals as well as brakes.

This is the latest project from Google X, and was announced by Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin. The car uses its onboard computers and various sensors installed on the exterior of the vehicle to drive itself. Google previously released a video of how these self-driving cars’ computers see the road and decide when to accelerate and when to brake.

Google mentions that these cars are still in prototype stage and a hundred more of these self-driving vehicles will be built this summer for further testing purpose. These cars will, however, have manual controls inside in case the software behaves unexpectedly. After the pilot program in California, Google hopes to expand this to other areas of the United States with the help of its partners, possibly for commercial use.

We’ll keep a curious eye on how these cute-looking cars turn out to be when a herd of them hit the streets. But then again, if you are in California and you find yourself in close proximity of one of these cars, you shouldn’t really be too worried. This video showing how Google’s self-driving car technology navigates in the streets should give you comfort around it.

What’s your take on the design of Google’s self-driving car?

Source: The Verge

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