Google’s VirusTotal Uploader hits Mac OS X

virustotal mac os x

You will be forgiven for not having heard of Google’s VirusTotal Uploader that have been popular for quite some time now for Windows users. But you should know about the tool now because it has just been released for Mac OS X for the first time.

While antiviruses are a popular solution for computer users to stay out of harm’s way, sometimes new viruses spread over the web might take some time to be in the database of all antivirus solution providers. That’s where VirusTotal Uploader comes in handy. You can use this tool to scan a file, a folder and its content, or an application to test for virus against over 50 antivirus solution providers’ databases.

In its official blog, VirusTotal Uploader writes that Mac OS X users can now benefit from the tool by simply dragging and dropping files for scanning. Users can also add a folder and schedule VirusTotal Uploader to scan its content on a regular basis. It can also scan installed applications on a Mac as well as open files directly from the Open With in Finder.

Mac OS X users can download VirusTotal Uploader for Mac OS X now. Installation instructions as well as other documentations are also available on VirusTotal Uploader’s website, linked above.

Are you going to use Google’s VirusTotal Uploader on your Apple computer?

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