Chromebooks are now officially available in nine more countries


In what we’d like to call yet another big push to the continuous growth of Chromebook, Google has announced that the low-cost best-as-secondary computers will officially be available in nine more countries around the world. Last month, the search giant added six more countries where manufacturers would sell Chromebooks directly.

The latest round adds these countries to the list: New Zealand, Philippines, Norway, Denmark, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Spain, and Italy. Note that the last three countries — Belgium, Spain, and Italy — does not yet have Chromebooks but will soon see them in the market in the coming weeks.

The official blog post announcing Chromebooks’ availability in nine more countries is a pleasure to read as Google takes an interesting approach saying “Hello” in the native language of the countries.

Like we’ve written so far, Chromebooks may have its limitation but the price point and the way Chrome OS is being updated on a regular basis has made it a worthy competitor. For a lot of people, Chromebook will be a good purchase if all they need done can be done online (with some offline capability, of course). For others, the device can be a nice secondary machine to their desktop computer.

Have you experienced a Chromebook yet? What’s your thoughts on Chromebook and Chrome OS?

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