Do you know who makes Google Doodles?

first google doodle
This is the first Google Doodle to ever appear online. It went live in 1998!

Google is famous for its homepage celebration. Whether it’s an anniversary of some greatest invention, or birthday of a great inventor, any historic day, or just your birthday, you’re most likely to see an artistic logo of Google on its homepage to celebrate the occasion. These special logos are known as Google Doodles. And lately we’ve been seeing quite a lot of them.

Though Google Doodle goes back quite a long way, you’ll notice that some of the latest Google Doodles are interactive. They offer games, throw challenges at you, and at the end of your new experience on Google homepage, you somehow want to share the homepage with your friends.

We perhaps forget whatever Google puts up on its homepage in whatever occasion a few days later. But do we ever stop for a moment and think about the people who make them?

BBC Magazine takes a deeper look into the Google Doodle and the people who make them. Its longform feature focuses on various iconic Google Doodle and a look into the other site of the Doodles. Take a look at BBC Magazine to read the story of the people who make Google Doodles come to live.

Here’s a bonus video for all the Google Doodle lovers out there!

Which one is your favorite Google Doodle?

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