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You will have to laugh at this World Cup Google Doodle

Ever since the world’s largest tournament kicked off in Brazil, Google has gone all festive with its homepage (and Google Chrome new tab page as well). Almost everyday, you’ve seen different World Cup Google Doodle. But what Google put up today will put up a smile on your face no matter what kind of situation you are in.

google doodle world cup brazil 2014
This gif rotates in a moment. If you missed what just happened, just keep an eye on it.

It’s unclear how many Google Doodle the company has created to celebrate the World Cup Brazil 2014 with its billions of users. No matter how many there are, the people over at Google who have been creating these Doodles seem to have not suffered with creativity juice flowing as with every new Doodle on Google homepage, it just keeps getting funnier.

Do you like this (or these) World Cup Google Doodles?

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