Google Glass is now available for purchase in UK

buy google glass

Google Glass Explorer program has stepped outside of the US territory for the first time in two years. And the United Kingdom is the first country outside the US to get the next generation of wearable piece of tech.

According to a page in Google Play, Google Glass Explorer Edition is available for anyone in the UK to purchase for £1,000. The device comes in Cotton, Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale and Sky and is also available with a wide variety of frames from its Titanium Collection. If you buy a Google Glass Explorer Edition now, you will get one additional frame or shade for free. But if you want more, you can get additional frames for £175 per frame and £120 per shade.

But that’s not all Google has launched for its UK customers. If you’re more into Google Glass and would love to add more accessories to your arsenal, you can buy stereo earbuds for £65. If that’s too high for you, Google also has mono earbud at a slightly cheaper price at £40 and obviously in slightly less sound quality.

Google has been putting a lot of efforts into what many still call a futuristic piece of technology that may ultimately not take off. Many blame Google for having been putting this on hold for too long destroying public interest in this. That’s probably why late last year, Google geared up the production and marketing efforts of Google Glass and this year the company started selling Glass Explorer Edition to anyone interested. And now the gadget is available outside the United States too.

We’re only a couple days away from Google I/O 2014, the biggest tech event of the search giant where we expect to learn more in-depth about Google Glass in addition to Android, Android Wear, and possibly self-driving cars.

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