Android Wear unveiled: A Look at all the Features

Android Wear

After the first official announcement of Android Wear, Google has taken the stage at today’s Google I/O event to talk more details about Android Wear and the first three devices to come preinstalled with them: LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and Moto 360.

Google starts to talk about Android Wear with why the company built it in the first place. Google says an average user looks at their phone display approximately 125 times every day. Google wants to cut that down. And that is the primary focus of Android Wear. Google used an LG G Watch to demo the features of Android Wear on stage at San Francisco today.


The LG G Watch has an always-on display functionality that is apparently the core feature of Android Wear. But the trick here is, the display will always be in black and white. It’ll turn into full color as soon as you raise the watch (e.g., by raising your wrist). This is definitely a battery-saving condition while making sure you don’t have to press any button or do any other sort of action to see what’s on your smartwatch screen.

The navigation on Android Wear is also quite straightforward. You swipe up and down on the display to navigate between notifications that are currently active on your Android Wear. You can swipe left and right to get the details of the chosen notification as well as actions. To choose which watch face (homescreen?) you want to see, you simply press and hold on the screen.

Android Wear also mirrors notification from your Android phone. The advantage here is that when you dismiss a notification from your Android Wear smartwatch, it gets dismissed from your phone as well. So you won’t have to see the same notification twice.

When you have incoming call on your nearby Android phone, it’ll show up on your Android Wear display. You will have circles on the left and right of the device giving you hint doing what will trigger what action. You can also play music from your Android Wear, control them, and see the album art of the albums on your Android phone.

Android Wear also have Google Now voice command feature, which means you can actually talk to your smartwatch and do crazy things like ordering a pizza (the guy on stage at Google I/O actually did order a pizza using a Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch). You can also use the voice command feature to add a note, or a reminder, which will immediately sync with your phone.

Google says whenever you install an app on your Android phone, the app’s smartwatch counterpart will automatically installed on your Android Wear, provided that there is a counterpart, we assume.

Google also says that some Android Wear will have heart rate monitors.

Basically an Interactive Remote Control

All spoken of, Android Wear is basically a remote control, a welcome addition, to your Android phone that will definitely make your life easier. Google said both LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live will be available for order starting today.

Google also showed off a Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch, which is more beautiful than LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live that was shown at the event today. But the company disappointed the audience saying that the device will be available later this summer.

So, what’s your take on Android Wear? Up until now, we knew very few about Android Wear. Now, we know almost everything there is to know about Android Wear. Are you excited about these smartwatches? Let us know your comments below.

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