Google launches Android One, low-cost Android phones for developing markets

Android One
After initial launch in India, Android One low-cost high quality phones will be available worldwide.

On stage at Google I/O 2014, Google’s Sundar Pichai unveiled new stats that there are now over 1 billion active Android users on the planet. Google now counts 30-day active users, so that makes over 1 billion 30-day active users across the world. However, a large part of the world population still don’t use any smartphone. To reach “the next billion”, Google has announced Android One.

Android One is designed for developing markets. These will feature a set of high quality, low-cost smartphones with widely available parts. The phones will use stock Android but OEMs and carriers will be able to install their own apps which will update through Google Play store automatically.

India will be the first market where Android One will launch this fall. Google showed off a Micromax phone that has 4.5-inch screen, dual-SIM capability along with FM Radio. It costs less than $100. Google said Karbon and Spice, in addition to Micromax, will be the initial OEMs to launch Android One smartphones in India. After that, the devices from other OEMs across the world will start to emerge.

Google said that Android is still conquering the market. Android tablets have over 62 percent market share in the world which was just 46 percent last year. Also, 42% of all YouTube usage comes from Android. All that while a large part of the population still don’t have access to a smartphone. Android One is Google’s initiative to help manufacturers build high quality Android phones while making sure they are available at low cost.

Are you excited about low-cost, high quality Android phones finally coming to the market in direct cooperation from Google?

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