Happy Birthday Chromecast: Google gives away 90 Days Free Play Music All Access

chromecastThere’s a good news for all the Chromecast owners today. In celebration of the first anniversary of Google’s $35 streaming stick, the search giant is offering 90 days free subscription to Google Play Music All Access. The offer is only applicable to those who aren’t a subscriber of Play Music yet.

In addition to existing subscribers, those who initially enjoyed a free trial of Play Music All Access service will also be unable to avail the offer. So we don’t really think this is a perfect way to “celebrate” the “birthday” of a somewhat successful product.

With the bad points out of the way, the 3 months All Access is a great offer for all Chromecast users who haven’t tried it yet. The subscription fee for Google Play Music All Access is $9.99 per month after you enjoy 30-day trial run for free. But if you’re a Chromecast user who haven’t tried the trial already, you can enjoy the service two additional months before you should decide whether or not you will continue the service for some 10 bucks a month.

So, do you have a Chromecast and are you going to try out 90 days All Access pass for free on Play Music?

via Google

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