Google Invited me to Google Domains, But They Didn’t Let Me Use It

google domains

People who keep track of Google world are already aware of Google Domains, a new service Google is yet to open up to the public. The invite-only beta seemed an appropriate service for me to try out. As an internet publisher and blogger, I maintain a few domain names. So I requested access to try the product.

A couple of days ago, Google sent me an email welcoming me to Google Domains. The email contained an invitation key that I was supposed to enter when attempting to sign up at the service. It’s still in limited beta, so anyone trying to sign up for it would need the invitation key.

I was happy that I got access to it. But that excitement lasted only for a couple of minutes until I entered the invitation key. I was greeted with an apology that the service was only available to the U.S. customers.

google domains

To anyone living outside the United States, the “US-only” thing is nothing new. At one point or another, the “US-only” policy has frustrated us all. But what happened to me was simply unexpected.

I can understand why Google might be running the invite-only beta within the United States, but since it accepted my request to get an invitation, shouldn’t it already know that I live outside the United States? I would happily wait a few more days or weeks until the company begins widening its beta user area and accept people from outside the US. But getting an invitation only to find out you’re not allowed in because of your location just isn’t right. Especially when the company in question is already well aware of your whereabouts.

I’m still interested in trying out the service (despite the fact that the $12/year pricing doesn’t sound too promising to me) and I’m happy to wait. I just hope I wasn’t frustrated during the wait.

Have you tried Google Domains yet? What’s your take/opinion on the service? Does Google need to lower the price to be competitive in the market, or will people still buy domains from Google simply because, well, it’s Google?

After all, you can’t blame average people for thinking that buying domains from Google will have an SEO advantage, can you?

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