Google Chrome 64-bit Now Available on Windows 7 and 8


Google ran a test of 64-bit version of Google Chrome on its Dev and Canary channel back in June. Google says that the tests were successful, and therefore they are releasing 64-bit version of Google Chrome in the stable channel starting today.

According to a post published on Google’s Chromium Blog, Google Chrome 64-bit comes with version 37 is currently available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.

Google says that the 64-bit version performs better in terms of speed in various media and graphics benchmarks. According to the company, Google Chrome 64-bit version does 15% better performance in decoding the VP9 codecs used in High Definition videos on YouTube. When the 64-bit was in Dev, Canary, and Beta phase, tests showed that it was twice as stable as the 32-bit version when rendering typical web content.

Google Chrome 64-bit version is available as a separate download from as Windows 64-bit. That means even if you are using a 64-bit Windows, your default download will be 32-bit. You will have to manually opt-in to download the 64-bit version. Google didn’t say if and when the default download for 64-bit users will be the 64-bit version of Google Chrome.

Are you going to try out Google Chrome 64-bit version on your Windows operating system?


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