Your Gmail Username and Password Might Have Been Compromised and Published

A huge number of what was claimed to be Gmail usernames and passwords have been published on a Russian Bitcoin forum website recently. Initial reports said the number was approximately 4.93 million.

However, Google told The Next Webspying that the company has no evidence that their systems have been compromised. But they are stepping up the security measures now that someone is claiming to have leaked Gmail credentials of about 5 million users.

It is not clear whether all these usernames and passwords are valid though the user who posted these information claimed that about 60 percent of the passwords are. The forum has purged the passwords from the published file keeping only the login details.

You could go ahead and check whether your Gmail account is in the list, but to do so, you will have to enter your email address to a third-party website. It’s not necessarily a recommended action as they could be keeping these email addresses for spamming purpose.

The best course of action for Gmail users now is to change their passwords right away. It is a good habit to change passwords often, and now that there are possibilities that some passwords might have been stolen, now would be a good time to practice that habit of changing password.

On the security end, Google has upped their security measures and advised users to follow its safety center advice and enable 2-step verification system which automatically puts an extra layer of security to a Google account.

Have you changed your Gmail/Google password lately?

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