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How to Install Android Apps on Your PC

BlueStacks logoToday’s generation is pushing lifestyle to be dependent on technology. Everyday we use our gadgets to communicate and share information and store different apps making our smartphone become a necessary part of modern life. However, sometimes we want to enjoy our favorite games and apps on a larger screen than the device that we have at hand. And that’s reason why many of us want to try Android apps and games on a computer.

But how do you install or run Android apps that are compatible for, well, Android operating system? There is a popular solution to do just that. And that software, called BlueStacks, is what today we’re going to be talking about in brief.

BlueStacks is a software that allows you to run android apps on your computer. It’s a Silicon Valley-based company called BlueStacks that developed the app player program. If you have ever wanted to run your favorite android app on your PC, this is the answer. You only need to download and install the program and start to push apps from your smartphone to your computer. The best thing is that it does not cost you even a cent! The BlueStacks innovation saw the current need to have inter-connectivity and compatibility between mobile phones and computers since today this are intertwine for transfer of information, easy data sharing and above all networking.

How to install BlueStacks on your PC

First, you have to download the program from your computer. Visit BlueStacks official website to download the program. Currently, there are a number of different sources that you can get BlueStacks from for Windows or Mac. Once you download it, you install it like any other software and you are good to start enjoying Android app entertainment on your computer. You may get some errors while installing it, in that case try re-installing. The only limit with the software is that you have to install it in your boot partition. Nevertheless, the software is easy to install and the only thing you have to choose while installing is the notifications aspect.

BlueStacks Settings

After you have installed the BlueStacks, you run it and you will be able to view the installed apps in the home screen.

Home screen of BlueStacks

From here, you need to set up a connection with Google Play store and link it with BlueStacks so that you can download apps. All you need is a Google account so make sure you sign up if you do not have one. For those with an Android smartphone or device you have to install BlueStacks Cloud Connect. This is an app that gives you the ability to push apps that are already installed on your device to BlueStacks on your computer. That is not all you can also push apps from your PC to your Smartphone or tablet. You can also adjust other settings from the settings menu like any other Android phone.

BlueStacks settings

BlueStacks does not limit you to the Android apps on your smartphone or tablet alone. You can also install apps from platforms like Amazon App store that is intended for Kindle operating system — a fork of Android. It is as simple as using the search feature of the software and getting your favorite Android apps. Although this app player may not be able to run all Android apps, you will definitely get to use a variety of apps on your computer. You can even play combat strategy game like Clash of Clans on your computer or even use messenger app like KIK right on your PC. Normally, the installed apps will appear on the home screen so you should not worry about their location.

Furthermore, BlueStacks gives you the power to control your apps. That is you can change the settings to fit your desires. It is also possible to uninstall apps and manage your account. Do not be left out, enjoy running Android apps that you like on your computer. In case if you face any problem while installing or using BlueStacks, then simply visit this link to get some solution.

What reason would you want to install Android apps on your computer? Share your reasons with us in the comments below.

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