Google Releases Google Calendar 5.0 for Download

google calendar 5.0

Google is going material all the way. First introduced with Android L — later full-named Lollipop — the material design is making rounds across all of Google’s apps and services. Google just started rolling out the new version of Google Calendar app to its users.

The new version features a major redesign of the application, one that goes with Google’s new design philosophy, better known as Material Design.

Google Calendar 5.0 shows your today’s schedule by default. You can tap on the date on the left side to display your full schedule that includes upcoming events from the following few days.

For a better overview of your schedule, the app now features a 5-day view which can be expanded into a 7-day view if you’re using the app on a tablet or on a phone in landscape mode.

Google Calendar 5.0 also shows images or maps of places where you have appointments set for the following days. You can also activate an optional feature that can pull remindes from your Gmail. If activated, things like plane tickets or dinner reservations will be pulled into your Calendar.

To make your life even easier, Calendar can now pull the reminders that you set by voice using Google Now. So Calendar 5.0 is, in a nutshell, not just a major visual update that introduces a lot of animations and nice colors. It’s your one-stop app to know what’s ahead of your life.

Google said that the Calendar 5.0 update will be made available for all Android devices that run version 4.0.3 and above. You can also skip waiting and get the APK file to manually install the new Calendar app from Gapps Early.

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