Google Maps is Going Colorful for iOS and Android

google maps

Google announced at this year’s I/O conference that the company was introducing a new design philosophy — known as Material Design — which basically turns Google apps and services more colorful and full of animations. The basic concept of Material Design is animating objects so that things no longer come out of the blue. Every little object animates so you understand where everything is coming from.

Google has been redesigning some of its mobile apps and web services to meet the new design philosophy. Shortly after releasing Google Calendar 5.0 to the Android 4.0.3+ users, Google has now announced that its colorfulness is moving on to the next app — Google Maps.

Although the basic layout of Google Maps is remaining the same, you will see some bold colorful changes across its interface. Some beautiful animations will be there to remind you that this is material design-inspired update. Google says the new update will be rolling out to Android users in the next few days. However, the company didn’t mention when the update¬†may hit the iOS users.

For a full rundown of the updates on the new Google Maps, check out the official blog post on Google Maps.

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