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How to Fix Google Blogger Post Thumbnail Missing Issue

google blogger This is a quick post explaining a quick fix to Google’s Blogger post thumbnail missing error that apparently many users have been facing in the past few days. If you use Google’s Blogger for your blog and you have noticed that your post thumbnails are not showing up despite you making absolutely no change to the template of your blog; don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Without going too deep into the technical details of what is causing this issue, let’s just say how to fix this.

Note that the issue is specific to new posts, as you may have already noticed. Your old posts will still have their thumbnails. If they aren’t there, then you probably have a different problem than the one I’m going to fix here.

First of all, make sure that at least one of the images used in your blog post is directly uploaded using Blogger Post Editor. If all of the images are linked from an external source, a thumbnail will not be generated.

If you have uploaded an image and that’s still not showing up in the homepage of your blog, do the following:

  • Open up the post for editing that is missing a thumbnail.
  • Near the top left of the post editor, you’ll notice there’s a switcher. Click “HTML”.  You will now see the raw HTML version of your post.
  • Now find the image that you have uploaded (it should usually be the first one). And replace https:// with http:// (remove the s). Make sure to do it after the src=" tag. The same URL may also show up after href=" tag, you don’t have to worry about that. Just make sure src="https:// is replaced with src="http://.
  • Click Update to publish the changes.
  • Now go visit your homepage. Do a hard refresh (Control + F5 or Shift +F5) to clear any caches. You should be seeing the thumbnail now.

While it doesn’t take much of an effort to fix the issue, it shouldn’t be there in the first place. A quick look over Google’s product forum revealed that a lot of other Blogger users are experiencing the same issue. That gives me a hint that the issue will be fixed by Google soon. But while they are working on it, you shouldn’t have to wait. Just apply this simple fix to each of your new post and your blog will look just fine.

If for some reason that fix is not working for you, please do let me know and post in Google Product Forums. You may also find a few threads already discussing this issue.

So, did that fix your issue?


    1. I am sorry to hear that. Perhaps you could temporarily roll to another template and see if the problem is related to your template. If switching template doesn’t fix the problem, you might want to post in Google Groups.

      1. this guy has the same template as mine (both of us altered ours a bit) but his thumbnail doesnt have any prob showing up in dashboard 🙁

  1. Three years later and this issue has just arisen for me… Changing the HTML to HTTP did nothing. I can’t tell if the issue is with my Google Album privacy settings (I may have recently accidentally changed them) but there’s no option for me to make any albums ‘Public’…

    Meghan | The Lipstick Philosopher

    1. I have long stopped using Google Blogger, so I’m not sure if there are other ways to fix this. But I think changing the album privacy, not sure if it’s relevant though, would be a good shot.

      Personally I would suggest moving to a WordPress hosting to have more control over every little thing of your site. But I understand that might not be something you are ready to do especially if your blog is old. If it’s new, I strong suggest starting with WordPress.

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