Google’s Project Tango Now Available on Google Play Only To Be Added to Wishlist

project tango tablet google play

Project Tango is not just an ambitious project for Google but also a dream device (actually not a device, but a couple of them) for anyone fond of technology. And for good reason. You may talk about high end tablets with full HD display and many gigabytes of RAM, but nothing comes even close to what Google has made under what it calls Project Tango.

To remind you, Project Tango tablet offers 1920 x 1200 pixels 7-inch display with an Nvidia K1 processor, 128 GB of onboard storage, 4 GB of RAM and many advanced motion and mapping sensors under its hood to make you the boss of the neighborhood (in terms of who owns the best gadget, of course). Google made this tablet in a very limited quantity and said that it’s mostly made for developers. At this year’s I/O conference, the tablet went on sale for $1024. And that was about it.

The tablet never made a public appearance in terms of product page.

However, things appear to be changing. Project Tango now has a product page on Google Play. That’s right, you can now want to buy a Project Tango tablet and you will land at Google’s official product page for the device, except you still can’t buy it.

Although Google has made a product page for the device, it hasn’t give the device a price yet. The product page only has an option to “add to wishlist”, which we believe has already been added to the wishlist of many. You should note though that even when the tablet does go on sale, Google will not be providing any warranty for the tablet nor will it take returns.

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