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Google Glass Will Be Back in 2015 with Intel Inside

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You may be wondering what has happened to Google Glass, the company’s one of the most ambitious and controversial products to date, as there hasn’t been much of an update regarding this in the press for a while. You may stop wondering now, because while the tech press has been busy covering other things Google had been doing — the likes of Lollipop and Inbox — Google has been working with Intel to make sure the next hardware update Google Glass receives is a big one.

A source tells the Wall Street Journal that Google Glass will be returning to the limelight next year with Intel under the hood. This will likely mark a major hardware change as the new Intel processor is expected to enable longer battery life and more processing power for the wearable.

Intel has already tried to win the smartphone and tablet market after it won the computer world, but it didn’t quite succeed in doing so. Next in line is the wearable technology. The future for wearable technology is bright, at least Intel seems to think so. And that’s perhaps why Intel is venturing into the wearable technology and designing chips for tiny devices.

Google or Intel, neither responded to the report published by the Wall Street Journal. Given that Google has been somewhat quiet about its Glass project for some time now, it’s plausible that the company has been preparing a major announcement when another hardware update is ready for Glass. And that time may very well be early next year.

We only have to wait until Google Glass comes back in full swing. It’s interesting to see Google regularly pushing software and major hardware changes despite the fact that the product hasn’t been commercially launched yet. It shows how much efforts Google has been putting into it. Unfortunately though, even Google can fail to generate sufficient public interest in some of its products; Google+ being the prime example. Both Google+ and Google Glass has had their fair share of controversy. But Google+ has seen the light of day and while it hasn’t generated the kind of hype Google had hoped, it has a good number of users (anything but a ghost town). As for Google Glass, though, we have to wait and see.

Do you think the Intel chip inside of Google Glass will have a positive impact on the market for the product?

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