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YouTube Adds Easter Egg on Gangnam Style Video After It Broke the View Counter

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YouTube¬†definitely did not expect that any video on the site¬†could ever reach the view count of over 2.1 billion. That’s why the maximum number of view count was set there. Until recently.

Psy’s Gangnam Style has managed to rack up that amount of views and surpass the limit by over 5 million. Not to mention it’s still counting. To keep up, YouTube finally increased the limit of view counter to accommodate the massive number of views that Gangnam Style has gotten ever since its release.

To celebrate this, and to give the video a bit more specialty, YouTube has put an easter egg on Gangnam Style video page. If you hover your mouse over the view counter, the numbers will animate showing you the maximum length of a 32-bit integer, and then the value of overflowing number, so that you can see how many more views the video has attracted over YouTube’s previous limit on the counter.

It’s no wonder that the video became so popular across the world. It deserves this. Subsequent music videos from Psy did not generate that much popularity, leaving Gangnam Style a legend not only for Psy and the crew members, but also for YouTube itself.

Have you watched [again] Gangnam Style recently?

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