YouTube for Android Has Received Material Design Update


Google has been steadily updating its line of Android apps with a design philosophy that it unveiled during this year’s I/O conference. Known as Material Design, the colorful and animated design is making its round with YouTube app for Android. The app has been updated with version 6 which follows the material design touch.

The entire app has been redesigned based on the material design philosophy. From its homepage, video recommendation known as “What to Watch” to every channel page now looks different on the new version of YouTube for Android. And it doesn’t end there. The new version of YouTube for Android works differently, too. It now enables you to search depending on certain criteria. For example, you can now search for videos that are available in HD.

Up until now, you couldn’t do that. You could only search for videos and you had to figure out whether that video was available in HD or not by checking in the quality settings. With the new version, you can filter your search results efficiently.

The updated YouTube for Android is slowly rolling out to Google Play. But if you must install it now, you may want to download the APK file from here.

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