Google Releases Android Studio 1.0 Stable Version as Official Android Development Environment

android studio 1.0

Google has finally pulled the curtain and taken Android Studio 1.0 out of beta and release candidates. The first version of Android Studio 1.0, Google’s official IDE for developing and managing Android apps, is now available for download.

The tool runs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It has been under development for over two years and will be replacing Eclipse which used to be the official IDE for Android apps.

If you have been using Android Studio release candidates or betas for a while now, you might want to update to the stable release. This version adds a number of features including a first run setup wizard that guides you through installing a particular Android SDK. The stable version also sets up development environment settings, creates an optimized emulator for testing apps and do a lot more.

android studio 1.0

Java-based IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition by JetBrains is what Google’s new Android Studio 1.0 is built on. It makes Android app development, testing, emulating and debugging fast and efficient. If you are already using Eclipse, Google wants you to migrate to Android Studio 1.0. To help you migrate, Google has posted a migration process that you can use for smooth migration to the new IDE for developing Android apps.

So, are you going to migrate to Android Studio 1.0 anytime soon or are you going to keep using Eclipse until Android Studio gains some traction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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