Nexus 5 Production May End at Q1 2015

nexus 5

Google has officially announced that it will continue selling Nexus 5 smartphones through Play Store and select retailers after a report was published quoting a Google spokesperson who said the production of this device was ending right away.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.. that was the gist of what Google’s spokesperson had implied. But Google saying that it will continue selling the device until the first quarter of 2015 brings in another question: what happens next?

It’s very likely and safe to say that Google will officially end the production of this previous generation smartphone now that Nexus 6 has hit the shelves. It’s not just the price point of Nexus 6, which is justified by the powerful processor and GPU under the hood, that makes some people not love Nexus 6, it’s the size. Some people just loves the comfort of holding a not-so-big smartphone like Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, which is the reason many people are still commenting on internet forums and blogs that Nexus 5 should not be phased out.

Google definitely knows that there is adequate market demand for its Nexus 5 smartphone despite the recent launch of Nexus 6, which is why it isn’t stopping production of Nexus 5 just yet. But it has given us a timeline as to when the device may stop shipping. And that timeline ends in a little over three months.

Are you a fan of Nexus 5? Do you think the launch of Nexus 6 has a negative effect on the demand of Nexus 5? Or is Google planning to stop its production merely to sell more Nexus 6?

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