Google Cast to Start Streaming Audio to Cast-Enabled Speakers

google cast audio

Ahead of CES 2015, Google has just announced that its Cast services will soon support streaming audio to Google Cast-enabled devices. Up until now, Google Cast has only been able to stream videos via devices like Chromecast and Android TV. With the new system launched, users will be able to stream music to the compatible speakers at ease.

Although there are many, many Bluetooth-enabled speakers out there that let users ‘stream’ audio from their phones and tablets, one downside is the short range that Bluetooth is capable of and the fact that the use of Bluetooth still uses significant battery.

With Google Cast, users will be able to use the app from their phone to control and stream audio content to their Google Cast-enabled speakers through their WiFi network. It will not only reduce battery usage, but also extend the area as WiFi can cover larger complexes.

The downside, though, is that customers will have to purchase a Google Cast-ready speakers to be able to use the streaming service. Google said that it has already partnered up with a number of companies including Sony, Denon, and LG who will be making Google Cast-supported speakers. Those speakers are likely to hit the shelves in the Spring of 2015.

Still, a device like Chromecast which would connect to any speakers today would have been a far greater option for music lovers who want to remotely control a speaker and stream audio content. Forcing users to buy supported speakers may not be the best move for Google, as music lovers can be very picky about their choice of speakers. But we will see how the new addition of Google Cast goes in the near future.

Would you have rather bought a Chromecast-like device to cast audio to your speakers instead of buying the speakers for the sake of Google Cast? Let us know in the comments below.

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