Google Starts Adding 2 GB Bonus Storage to Those Who Listened to it

google security check

Last month, Google urged every one of its users to run through a security checkup that it had in place to ensure that their accounts met the suggested level of security. As a reward, Google told that 2 GB of storage would be added to everyone who performed the security checkup within a given time-frame.

Google has already started rolling out the additional storage space to its users who listed to the advice and performed the security checkup. The company has been emailing its users who have received the extra space on their accounts.

Even if you haven’t received the email yet, you may want to go to your Google account settings (or scroll down to the bottom of Gmail) to check whether your account has been adjusted with the additional space. Note that if you hadn’t done the security checkup by February 17, you will not be receiving the bonus┬áspace.

Space on Google account are shared between Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. Google+ Photos won’t count against your space unless you activate high-resolution option to store original images. Google occasionally gives away additional Google Drive storage for free, like with the purchase of every Chromebook, but those space become void after a limited time unless you pay to keep them. This 2 GB bonus storage caught our attention because it would be permanent; meaning if you received the 2 GB bonus today, it would be there on your account for as long as the account exists.

Have you received your 2 GB bonus storage yet?

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