Here’s What’s New on Android 5.1

android 5.1

Android updates usually come after lots of speculations and leaks. Not this time. Android 5.1 first appeared in some Android One smartphones in Indonesia, making it possibly the first Android update that sees almost confirmed news even before the official announcement. However, Google has just made the official announcement of Android 5.1 through a blog post.

The search giant said that the new Lollipop update brings stability and performance improvements, including a few new features. Most notable of them all is the new Device Protection, which ensures that if your device is marked as lost or stolen, your Google account information must be entered in order to unlock even if a factory reset is performed on the phone.┬áThis gives your phone additional layer of security and peace of mind for the user knowing that a simple factory reset won’t make the phone usable again.

HD voice update is another new feature that Android 5.1 comes with. But this feature is only limited to carriers that support high definition crystal clear voice such as T-Mobile and Verizon. Also the phone needs to be compatible in terms of hardware to support HD voice feature. Nexus 6 is a smartphone that is capable of taking advantage of HD voice feature.

Google didn’t detail on exactly when other devices will start getting Android 5.1 update, likely because it isn’t up to Google to deliver update to most devices. Its Nexus lineup, which usually becomes the first one to receive Android update, is said to start receiving the new version of Android right away.

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